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The Tipstrr affiliate program helps website owners, sports bloggers, and reviewers connect their visitors and readers to an honest, transparent and verified platform for profitable tipsters.

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When our affiliates promote our tipsters, everyone wins. That's why our affiliate program is one of the most rewarding in the industry.

Tipstrr offers unique features that help reduce fraud and abuse in the sports betting tips space. All of our results are independently verified using live data from our partner bookmakers, so your users can be confident that a tipster's reputation is real and not just hype.

Unlike promoting bookmakers or flooding your content with out-of-place product sponsorships, our affiliates know their referrals are enjoying the service and making money with our tipsters every time they earn a renewal comission.

With thousands of tipsters across all the major sports (and with many offering free tips), we're confident that your users will be able to find value when they visit

30% commission on gross sales
Lifetime renewals commission
Earn from all future purchases
The leading sports betting tips platform with5,076,588+tips verified since March 2016

Promoting Tipstrr has several advantages. Among those I like the most are: a) you can advertise a tipster platform where people get what they pay for, b) each prediction is based on real odds, and c) the betting history of tipsters is accurate and trustworthy. These are increasing the number of recurring subscriptions and our commissions as well.

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We want all of our affiliates to succeed, which is why we provide you with everything you'll need to promote content on your platform.

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Our easy to use affiliate dashboard lets you see your commission earnings, view which tipsters your users are signing up for, and allows you to quickly see how much you've earned or request a withdrawal.

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Our community team are always around to provide detailed insights about our top performers and recommendations of who to promote and when.

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I have been an affiliate for Tipstrr for the last 4 years. A revamp to the site some time ago provided extremely valuable in-depth stats on each tipster. I in turn analyse and report on these stats to inform punters' betting decisions. One of the things I like the most is that everyone wins if tipsters perform well: I generate affiliate income, the punter makes a return on their subscription & the Tipstrr/tipster partnership thrives.

Tipstrr Affiliate

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