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2024 Best Horse Racing Tipsters - quarterly review


Meet our best horse racing tipsters for 2024 - so far...

The recent Cheltenham Festival rounded off an exciting first quarter of 2024 that saw a wide array of horse racing services achieve a remarkable level of success on Tipstrr.

Tipstrr's quarterly rankings provide us with a more rounded look at the longer-term capabilities of our top-performing services, kicking off our top dozen horse racing tipsters through the three months of 2024.

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12th BlindGuess

  • 133 tips, 28.6% ROI, £2,511 profit

It is no disgrace to bring up the rear of this top twelve, and we can confidently say that the service of BlindGuess appears to be built on far more than blind guesswork, courtesy of a discerning eye for each-way value.

He certainly bolted out of 2024’s stalls, thanks to January’s 110% ROI, and although understandably unable to sustain that level of performance through February and March, it was enough to indicate a service capable of longer-term success. 

11th FlyingBoltOriginalOne

  • 68 tips, 31.5% ROI, £428 profit

Sneaking into 11th place, FlyingBoltOriginalOne saved the best until last in the first quarter of 2024, with March’s tasty 143% yield more than making up for a less auspicious start to the year.

That was enough to earn that month’s Best Tipster accolade and while he might struggle to maintain that kind of return, his selective process should be more appealing to more moderate betting appetites than many of the services in this line-up.

10th The Profit Rocket 

  • 1210 tips, 28.3% ROI, £6,852 profit

As we dip our toes into the top ten, The Profit Rocket was another to hit the ground running in the new year, when January’s 53% ROI earned him the runner-up spot in our best new tipster countdown, while seven straight profitable months suggest a strategy and service built to last.

His 6% win rate from such a prolific output might look meagre at first glance, but that would be to misjudge a high-odds each-way strategy which leans heavily on his more impressive 26% place rate at average advised odds of more than 14/1.

9th GV Early Alerts

  • 232 tips, 29.4% ROI, £1,365 profit

Sometimes it is how a service responds to a dip in form that gives a strong indication of its longevity, and the fact that GV Early Alerts was able to overcome a rare drawdown month in January and still earn ninth spot is a perfect example of that resilience.

That stuttering start was soon brushed aside with February 23% yield, and his 2024 returns surged into the black when March’s 112% yield put £1.5K of profit back into the kitty, all from a service that thrives on being able to exploit earlybird value the night before racing.. 

8th Gallop Guru 

  • 120 tips, 29.9% ROI, £716 profit

It’s taken a while for the service of Gallop Guru to gain a foothold on the Tipstrr platform, but it has certainly caught the eye so far in 2024, recovering from a wobbly opening month to top February’s Best Tipster rankings with an outstanding 91% return on investment.

A 70/30 split between race-winner and each-way tips keeps betting interesting and ensures that all parts of the betting market are explored for the best value, while a moderate output of 6-10 tips per week ensures an easy-to-follow service. 

7th Big Value Horses

  • 191 tips, 33.0% ROI, £1,259 profit

If you enjoy the thrill of each-way betting, then the mid-market approach of Big Value Horses should happily tick all the right boxes as he approaches two full years of service on the Tipstrr site.

Such a strategy inevitably leads to some ups and downs, but that roller-coaster ride has been travelling smoothly in the right direction so far this year, with three straight profitable months bringing double-digit returns either side of February’s best-yet 83% monthly yield.

6th EachWayMorningTips

  • 674 tips, 33.2% ROI, £4,481 profit

Seventeen straight profitable months since launching in November 2022 pretty much says all you need to know about the popular service of each-way specialist EachWayMorningTips.

A busy but manageable output of 50-60 selections per week, all published in the same early-morning window, should suit most betting preferences, as should the 10% win rate and 40% place rate at average advised odds of 9/1 that have combined to yield over £4K of profit since the turn of the year .

5th Each Way Value Tips

  • 255 tips, 34.4% ROI, £1,754 profit

They say a change is as good as a rest, and the decision of Each Way Value Tips last year to increase his daily volume from a rigid one-tip-per-day to a more substantial three or four has paid handsome dividends.

A flying start to this year saw EWVT feature in 4th place on our monthly leaderboards in both January (63% ROI) and February (56% ROI), and while March’s 6.7% could not match those, it was enough to keep profits growing to over £1700 so far in 2024.. 

4th Underdog Racing Tips

  • 718 tips, 39.2% ROI, £5,628 profit

Most of our top performers will need little introduction to most of you, and arguably least of all Underdog Racing Tips, whose eye for each-way outsider value has confirmed him as one of our most popular services for much of his four-and-a-half tenure on Tipstrr.

His £5.6K in profit since the turn of the year is just a continuation of a relentless climbing profit line, thanks to an overall 25% place rate at average odds nudging 16/1 that has earned a phenomenal £100K from all of his 6800+ selections since first gracing the Tipstrr platform back in October 2019. 

3rd Grizzly Tips 

  • 72 tips, 56.3% ROI, £810 profit

Our first podium position is occupied by Grizzly Tips and we’re more than happy to see a relatively new service splitting the ‘usual suspects’ that make up our top half-dozen performers.

Fresh from making a debut appearance on our monthly leaderboard in March, GT’s modest tip volume might not appease larger betting appetites, but there’s no arguing with the quality-over-quantity results, with last month’s 66% yield not quite matching January’s 105%, but still enough to earn this high-odds tipster a deserved place in our top three..

2nd HorseForaCourse

  • 90 tips, 59.8% ROI, £1,076 profit

Our quarterly runner-up is HorseForaCourse, who is very much a ‘usual suspect’ on our monthly and annual leaderboards, having celebrated his 2023 Best Tipster accolade by promptly topping our monthly charts in January with a whopping 178% ROI.

Those numbers give an illustration of H4AC's consistent service, with its 22% win rate all the more remarkable for recommending win-only bets at average mid-market odds of around 10/1.

A very agreeable tip output of 25-40 a month helps minimise demands on time and bankroll, and while his three-month 59% ROI is evidently eye-catching, his 12-month record of 53% and over £6K in profits give an even clearer illustration of his longer-term capabilities.

1st CD Systems Daily Bargain

  • 80 tips, 67.8% ROI, £1,084 profit

And so we move on to our best-performing tipster over the first three months of 2024, and we’re happy to award that accolade to CD Systems Daily Bargain, who is just about to complete six full years of service since first joining Tipstrr in April 2018.

Steve’s strategy is as simple as it is effective, in that he scours every race card to come up with the Daily Bargain that makes up his solitary selection each and every day.

Narrowing down the huge amount of daily runners to one single best bet is not as easy as it sounds, requiring as it does a combination of patience and discipline, married to an expert’s discerning eye for value.

His 15 winners from just 80 selections represents a tasty 18% win rate and the fact that the lowest-priced of those winners was 11/2, while others included an 18/1 shot and three at 10/1, indicates that these Daily Bargains really have been living up to the name.

When you also factor in that CD Systems also provides a thorough tip and race preview that offers the reasoning and insight behind every selection, then you’re left with a full and rounded service that is a model of professionalism.

So, it's clearly been an incredible start to 2024 for anyone following those top dozen performers, who have yielded well over £25K between them in quarterly gains to level £20 stakes. 

Well done again to CD Systems Daily Bargain for heading such an impressive group, and we hope there's enough in the above list to allow you to make an informed decision when considering tipsters who have shown they are capable of performing profitably over an extended period.

Please note: Any discount offer is for the first month of new memberships only, and cannot be claimed more than once, nor is it available for existing members.​

  • Profits calculated to level £20 stakes

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