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A Quick Guide to Responsible Rugby Betting


With an increasing number of sports becoming popular among bettors, we take a look at how rugby is fast becoming a sports betting market enjoyed by more and more people across the world.

If you're a big fan of rugby, you probably think it's one of the most essential things in life, even though it might not be called that by everyone.

Rugby is popular worldwide, with fans in many countries like Ireland, France, South Africa, and New Zealand. There's an organisation called World Rugby with over a hundred member countries and thousands of registered clubs. Millions of people play rugby, regardless of their age, size, or gender.

But if you're not into rugby yet, you might not know much about its history or how it's played.

How it all began:

Rugby originated from a game played at Rugby School in England. Initially, each school had its own rules, but in 1845, Rugby School established written rules, followed by Cambridge Rules in 1848.

While rugby and football (soccer) shared some similarities, they diverged when the Football Association (FA) introduced rules that rugby didn't allow. This led to the formation of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) in 1871.

Later, in 1895, there was a split within rugby, resulting in the creation of Rugby League, while the original rugby version became known as Rugby Union. Despite the differences, both are commonly referred to as rugby worldwide.

Now that you might have picked up some new information, let's explore whether being a rugby fan could give you an edge if you ever consider betting on the sport, whether online or at a betting shop.

How to bet on rugby?

If you're already familiar with online betting, then you should have no problem with betting on a sport like rugby. You're perhaps already familiar with many betting tips and advice on understanding odds, but there are a few key factors you should keep in mind while betting. 

Here are some more details about betting on this particular sport that might help.

Find a reputable bookmaker or sportsbook

The first step you must take to a responsible gambling experience is finding a reputable bookmaker or sportsbook. This is a golden rule that applies to any sport, no matter if it's football or rugby. Your safety goes first.

If you're into a more traditional approach, you can always take a quick walk to your local high street betting shop to place your bets.

However, the alternative might be a little more convenient. The online option is by far more accessible, as you get to place your bets wherever and whenever you want.

While betting shops have fixed schedules, online betting platforms have operators that work 24/7, and on top of that, online platforms also have more options for your bets.

We know that it's pretty hard to find a reliable betting site for your activities, yet there are specialised platforms that will do all the research for you. 

Let's take SlotsCalendar for instance. Their platform is like a real encyclopaedia for online casinos, where their experts provide you with unbiased reviews of different online casinos where you can even place rugby bets.

Opening an account and placing your first bet

After choosing an online betting site that suits you, it's time to register a player account. Most times, registration forms will require you to provide the same basic details such as name as address, and then to select a username, a password, and a preferred currency. 

After you finish filling out the form, you just need to submit it and wait for approval, at which point you'll have to deposit some money into your account. 

At most online betting platforms, you'll get the chance to claim different bonuses after you place your initial funds. For example, new users will often be eligible for a welcome bonus that multiplies your first deposits. This means that you may get free money to use on your bets.

Understanding different bets is key

Before making an actual bet, you must know what type of bets are there. For instance, you have options like match result bets, first-try scorer bets, and winning margin bets, not to mention handicap bets and under/over bets.

Pay attention when betting on a tournament or series; you can place bets tailored to that particular event. It's advisable to conduct comprehensive research on each type of bet before placing any wagers.

Educate yourself about the odds

Aside from familiarising yourself with various types of bets, it's crucial to understand the odds.

Did you know that odds can be expressed in three different formats? They all tell you how likely a team or player is to win, but they look quite different. You should pick the one that you find easiest to understand, whether it's fractions, decimals, or money lines.

Decision time: What to bet on?

As soon as you open a betting website, you'll observe the large number of bets available for rugby and other sports. It can be overwhelming seeing that number of choices, but you must decide on the bet you want to make.

If you familiarise yourself with the bets and odds, it will definitely be much easier to filter your choices and make the right decision. Play with your odds a little.

See how much you can win if you bet on your favourite or see what happens if you support the underdog. It's up to you how to place your bets.

Exciting times: Place the bets and wait for results

All you have to do now is place your actual bet and wait for the results. If you're at a betting shop, you might enjoy watching the game with fellow bettors if it's on TV.

But if you're following from home, you can catch the game on TV or through live streaming. If it's not televised, you can still keep track of live results on your bookmaker's website. You could be in for a nice payout if your prediction is correct. If not, you can always give it another shot.

Pro tip: Check if the online platform you're using offers cashback bonuses, as they could help you recover some of your losses.

How Being a Fan Can Improve Your Betting Odds

Even though you could take a chance and bet on a rugby game without ever watching one, it's actually beneficial to have some knowledge of the game. While beginners might get lucky once in a while, dedicated fans usually understand the game better.

Though no one can predict the final outcome perfectly, having watched a few games and knowing a little about the players and teams can give you a significant advantage. So, here are a few reasons why it's a good idea to become a true fan and learn more about rugby before you start betting.

You'll be familiar with a team's recent performance

If you're a fan of a particular team, chances are you've been keeping up with their season. You'll know whether they've been in a rough patch, on a winning streak, or if their performance has been inconsistent.

Form is crucial in all sports, including rugby. This means you might better understand how the match could play out based on the team's confidence and motivation levels. If a team has been struggling lately, they might lack confidence and continue their poor performance. 

Conversely, confident players may keep up their winning streak. While upsets can always happen, seasoned fans can gauge a team's mood and potential performance before a match and make informed bets.

You'll know what each player is good at and where they struggle

Just like you can sense the mood of the whole team, you can also understand the specific skills and weaknesses of each player. This means you can make a pretty good guess about how the game will go when you see who's playing.

If a star player isn't on the field, it might make the favourite team less likely to win and give the underdog a better chance. And if the top scorer isn't playing, it might be best to hold off on betting on who will score the most tries for now.

You'll be aware of how the team performs overall

You'll understand their tendencies when playing at home versus away. Who thrives under pressure? Who tends to falter in crucial matches? How do teams like England fare in hot weather? What's the track record of Ireland versus New Zealand? How does Australia perform when playing in South Africa, for instance? These are the kinds of details you'll pick up on by regularly following the sport.

Clearly, being a fan can give you several advantages when betting on rugby, and this knowledge should help you determine what factors to consider regarding both players and teams.

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